The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is a federation of national associations of certified radio amateurs, representing over 150 countries and separate territories around the world.

The three IARU Regions are organised to broadly mirror the structure of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and its related regional telecommunications organisations. The Regions comprise:
- IARU Region 1: Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Northern Asia
- IARU Region 2: The Americas
- IARU Region 3: Asia-Pacific

The IARU represents the interests of the Amateur Radio Service worldwide to relevant international organisations, promoting the interests of amateur radio and seeking to protect and enhance its spectrum privileges.


Minutes of the 2017 EC Meeting

The minutes of the 2017 EC Meeting, held from 5 to 7 May, can be downloaded here

Further preparations for WRC-19

A meeting has taken place in the past week in CEPT, which included agenda items considering matters of interest to the Amateur Radio Services at WRC19.

At committee PTD in Helsinki, IARU experts were involved in discussions on WRC Agenda Item 1.1, which proposes an allocation in Region 1 in the 50-54 MHz band, to create a global band at these frequencies. For CEPT, the coordinator for this Agenda item is Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T.

The discussions made progress on matters concerning sharing between the amateur service and services in this frequency band (broadcasting, wind-profilers and mobile users), but there remains much still to do and IARU will continue to work on these studies with administrations and others to establish the optimum future sharing scenarios

The CEPT summary of the outcome of these discussions states:

PTD updated the draft CEPT Brief. In particular, a preliminary CEPT position was agreed on agenda item 1.1, which would support a new allocation in the frequency range 50-54 MHz to the amateur service in Region 1 only if the spectrum needs for the amateur services are justified and studies show that incumbent services, including their future deployment and services in adjacent spectrum are protected.

PTD developed a working document summarizing the sharing studies currently available for this agenda item. It covers the compatibility between the amateur service in the band 50-54 MHz and incumbent services (land mobile, radiolocation and broadcasting)

Another item discussed at PTD was Wireless Power Transfer, in preparation for WRC19 Agenda Item 9.1.6. An IARU Region 1 paper which argued that greater clarity is needed in terminology and scope of studies to be undertaken on high power wireless transfer technologies was broadly welcomed and is expected to  result in a CEPT contribution to ITU WP1B, the committee charged with developing the wireless power transfer spectrum allocation and related issues.

IARU will continue to actively participate in discussions in the Region 1 Regional Telecommunications Organisations (CEPT, ATU, ASMG and RCC) as well as the all-important forum of ITU.    

Germany: Immediate access to 5 MHz band

The German administration for the amateur service (BNetzA) published an official note allowing German radio amateurs the use of the band 5351.5 kHz – 5366.5 kHz with 15 W (e.i.r.p).

All modes may be used; the bandwidth is limited to 2.7 kHz


14th IARU World HST Championship 2017

The 14th IARU World HST Championship will be host by Hungarian radio amateur society - MRASZ.

It will take place in Esztergom from 13-17 Sepetember 2017.

All information regarding the event can be found on the web page of the championship

YOTA Month

The Youngsters on the Air will be active again during the entire month of December. The idea for this event is to show the amateur radio hobby to youth and to encourage youngsters to be active on the amateur radio waves.


See for all the information on the event and the award.

Latest edition of The 5 MHz Newsletter - No 17, Summer/Autumn 2016 - now available

Hi all,

The latest edition of The 5 MHz Newsletter – No 17, Summer/Autumn 2016 - is now available for free PDF download from the RSGB 5 MHz page at  

Wikipedia 60 Meter Band page ‘External Links’ section or directly from

This edition features 5 MHz news from Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, Latvia, Belarus, Andorra and South Africa, Exercise ‘Blue Ham’ and Two Important Reminders for UK 5 MHz operators.


Paul Gaskell, G4MWO 
Editor, the 5 MHz Newsletter

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is celebrating on Saturday 3 December 2016. Member Societies are asked to celebrate this day like in previous years. The IPHA recommends that Member Societies observe the day to promote Amateur Radio among Disabled persons.


If you are planning any event or media releases for the day, please contact Riri, OD5RI, the IPHA Coordinator on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2016 ITU Radio Regulations released

The 2016 ITU Radio Regulations have been released. They are available as a free download via the ITU website, in English and five other languages

"Following the successful completion of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015, I am pleased to announce the issue of the ITU Radio Regulations, edition of 2016 which will come into force for all the signatory parties on 1 January 2017," said François Rancy, Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau.

"This global treaty known as the ITU Radio Regulations, and upon which mobile communications and all other uses of the wireless technology internationally depend, is celebrating its 110th anniversary," said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao. "An incredible success story!"

"I look forward to welcoming the ITU membership to the celebrations in honour of the 110th anniversary of the Radio Regulations, which will take place during the World Radiocommunication Seminar (WRS-16) being held in Geneva from 12 – 16 December 2016."

You can download your copy of the ITU Radio Regulations via