ARDF Past Events


LZ18th IARU World ARDF Championships, Bulgaria

Date: September 3-9, 2016
Venue: Albena
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Results (PDF)

LA17th IARU Region 1 Youth ARDF Championship, Norway

Date: July 2-5, 2016
Venue: Oslo
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Results (PDF)


16th IARU Region 1 Youth ARDF Championship, Poland

Date: June 4-8, 2015
Venue: Zamosc
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Official Results (PDF)

20th IARU Region 1 ARDF Championships, Czech Republic

Date: August 17-23, 2015
Venue: Mariánské Lázně
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Official Results (PDF)


URUR 15th IARU Region 1 Youth ARDF Championship
Date: July 6 - 10
Venue: Primorsko, Bulgaria
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UN 17th IARU World ARDF Championship, Kazakhstan
Date: September 6 - 13
Venue: Burabay
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Region 1 ARDF Championships 2013 logo 19th IARU Region 1 ARDF Championships, Poland
September 7 - 14
Venue: Kudowa Zdroj
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EYAC 2013 14th IARU Region Youth ARDF Championship, Czech Republic
June 12 - 16
Venue: Tři Studně
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TV report (in Czech)
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Photos and route choices

ARDF World Championships 22012

16th IARU World ARDF Championship, Serbia
September 10 - 16
Venue: Kopaonik
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13th IARU Region 1 Youth ARDF Championship, Lithuania
EYAC 2012July 11 - 14
Venue: Siauliai
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18th IARU Region 1 ARDF Championship, Romania
September 5 - 10
ARDF R1 2011Venue: Baile Felix, nr Oradea, North-West Romania
The 18th IARU Region 1 ARDF Championships, organized by Romanian Amateur Radio Federation (F.R.R.), were attended by 261 competitors. 50 years after the first European championships, the 2011 championships introduced the new sprint format, which was very well received: 240 competitors went out on the course with 10 transmitters, and the winners came in with runtimes as low as 13 to 15 minutes.
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TV feature from Czech TV (25 min)
RouteGadget - maps, GPS tracks, manual tracks:
- 7.9. Classic - Recent Routes
- 8.9. Sprint - Recent Routes
- 9.9. Classic - Recent Routes
EYAC 2011 12th IARU Region 1 Youth ARDF Championship, Bulgaria
June 16 - 19
Venue: Primorsko, Back Sea Coast
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ARDF 2010 15th World ARDF Championships 2010
September 13 - 18
Venue: Opatija, Croatia
383 competitors from 33 countries participated in the 15th World ARDF Championships. For the first time, medals were awarded in the W60 and M70 categories. Additionally, there was a championship in ARDF for blind people.
RouteGadget 1st day (Lividraga), 2nd day (Crni Lug)
Rules of ARDF for Blind
EYAC 2010 11th IARU Region 1 Youth ARDF Championships, Slovakia
June 17 - 20
Venue: Bojnice
66 boys and girls came to to the 11th Youth ARDF Championships of IARU Region 1.


17th IARU Region 1 ARDF Championship

Obzor, Bulgaria
September 16 - 21
RouteGadget 3.5 MHz, 144 MHz
EYAC 2009 10th IARU Region 1 Youth ARDF Championship
Telč, Czech Republic
June 30 - July 2
Results, Maps, Routes


IARU World ARDF Championship, Korea
RouteGadget 144 MHz, 3.5 MHz
9th IARU Region 1 Youth ARDF Championship