Emergency Communications

Another Typhoon threatens the Philippines.

Typhoon Matmo (Henry locally) is centred east of the Philippines and expected to continue to intensify over the next few days to threaten Taiwan, China and south-west islands of Japan.

Philippines Amateur Radio Association Chief Operating Officer,  Thelma Pascua DU1IVT said the typhoon comes less than a week after Typhoon Rammasun and immediately follows a DU-Simulated Emergency Test.

Thelma DU1IVT said: “I have again requested our National Traffic System Chairman, Jojo Vicencio to activate the Ham Emergency Radio Operation (HERO) network on 7095 kHz.

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Philippines Radio Amateurs activate for Typhoon Rammasun

The Philippines Amateur Radio Association (PARA) Ham Emergency Radio Operation (HERO) has been activated on July 14th as Typhoon Rammasun (Glenda) affects the Philippines.

PARA President Thelma Pascua DU1IVT advises that the storm if it continues to track as forecast will traverse the western-central portion of the Philippine Sea, making landfall over Camarines Sur in the province located in the Bicol Region in Luzon by Tuesday noon, and then passing over metropolitan Manila by Wednesday morning. Please keep HERO net frequencies of 7.095, 7.119, and 7.151 MHz clear for traffic.

TS Rammasun (Glenda) is expected to continue moving generally westward during the next 24 hours...and will turn west-northwestward by 48 through 72 hours. On the forecast track, the storm will traverse the western-central portion of the Philippine Sea today...making landfall over Camarines Sur by Tuesday noon...and passing over Manila by Wednesday morning. Rammasun (Glenda) will be over the West Philippine Sea exiting the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Thursday morning.

Atlantic Hurricane Season 2014

Hurricane Arthur tracking up the East coast of the USA marks the first storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season this year.

Emergency nets are active in the USA in preparation for this hurricane playing their part in gathering and distributing information for the weather and emergency services as they do every year. Radio Amateurs in Region 1 are reminded that the following frequencies may be in use by nets in North and Central America to track and deal with the consequences of these severe weather events. It is possible for Region 1 amateurs to cause unintentional QRM to these nets so please listen carefully if operating near these frequencies:

Caribbean Emergency & Weather Nets: 7.162 & 3.815 MHz
Eastern Caribbean Narrow Band Emergency System Net: 7.036 MHz USB (Olivia & MT63)
Caribbean Emergency: 14.185 MHz
Republica Dominicana: 7.065 & 3.780 MHz
Cuba: 7.045, 7.080, 7.110, and 3.740 MHz
Central America: 7.090 & 3.750 MHz
Nicaragua: 7.098 MHz
Guatemala: 7.075 MHz
Panama: 7.085 MHz
Mexico: 7.060 & 3.690 MHz

Maritime Mobile Service Net: 14.300 MHz
Hurricane Watch Net: 14.325 MHz
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN): 14.265 MHz

Other local emergency communications groups may also activate if a hurricane approaches their area and those frequencies would be announced at the time.

GAREC-2014 program to be finalised soon

The Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (GAREC) will be held this year on August the 14th and 15th in conjunction with Alabama's Huntsville Hamfest.

GAREC-2014 invites all those involved with emergency communication to hear presentations on the use of advanced technologies, IARU Region reports and displays. Among the reports will be a powerpoint on Super Typhoon that struck the central part of the Philippines, and how 100 radio amateurs provided vital emergency communications.

Presentations are expected also from the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN), and the American Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS).

The annual GAREC Banquet Dinner is another opportunity to socialise and learn more about emergency communications and preparedness training. Participating in GAREC-2014 also offers the opportunity to attend the big Huntsville Hamfest, an ARRL Centennial Event, on the weekend of August 16-17 2014. (Details at www.hamfest.org/).

GAREC-14 Website: http://www.w4ozk.com/GAREC14.htm
GAREC-14 Registration: http://www.arrl.org/garec-2014

Disaster relief communications in Serbia

At this moment the Serbian Radio Association (Savez radioamatera Srbije) carries out disaster relief communications in flooded areas. The control station uses the call sign YU0S. Operations are on VHF and in the 80 meter band with frequency 3760 kHz (+/- QRM). All radio operators are asked to keep this frequency clear. It is expected that the nets will be closed by 20.00 hours on Friday 23 May. 

Zoran YU1EW, who coordinates the disaster relief communications, reports that they have everything they need for now and that they can handle the situation.