Registration YOTA December month

yotalogoThe entire month of December several youngsters will become active with YOTA as suffix in the callsign. The idea for this is to show the amateur radio hobby to youth and to encourage youngsters to be active on the ham radio waves. Give a demonstration on a school or local club, gather together with your friends, grab a pizza and make some QSO's or enjoy a great pile-up. Let us all show this great hobby to the world!

Feel free to make a QSO with the youngsters, they are happy to get some attention and exchange information. Licensed and unlicensed youth will be making QSO's, be aware this could be their first radio contact ever and give them a chance to experience a possible new hobby.

Or apply for a YOTA callsign. To apply for this you need to follow some rules:

1- Follow the rules.  Although this is a friendly activity, some rules are needed.
2- Have a callsign with YOTA in suffix. For example: PA6YOTA
3- Maximum of 2 callsigns per country. If you are willing to make an exception, for example your country has several prefix districts, feel free to contact us with your request.
4- Applicants must ensure that the callsign is used primarily to get Youngsters On The Air (Youngsters are defined by IARU R1 as ‘under-26’)
5-  We kindly ask to upload the ADIF log on a daily basis. At least all QSO's must be  send as ADIF file before 10 January 2016.
6- All QSO’s must be made in December 2015.
7- This is NOT a contest, we are trying to spread the word! Talk to people about what we do, not only quick 5/9’s. Admitting, a pile-up is always fun and off course we all love it
8- All participating callsigns must apply!
Deadline for registration will be closed on 20 November 2015.

*we are aware that it is not possible to have a callsign with YOTA in suffix in all countries. Is this also your case and would you like to take part, contact us.
*all applicants applying for a YOTA callsign should be a member of an IARU member society.

More info:
Registration page:

YCP: First young contest team in CQWW RTTY at 4O3A

The first youth team taking part in IARU R1’s new Youth Contesting Program (YCP) is ready to start in the CQWW RTTY contest. All participants arrived at the station 4O3A in Montenegro. The youngsters are excited to be part in this contest from a so called “big gun station” which will be for most of them a new experience.
The next activity will be in two weeks from 9A1A during the SAC contest 10-11 October.

This young international team is active in the CQWW RTTY contest from 4O3A:
S57BM, Matej
IT9RGY, Gabriele
IZ6TSA, Nicolò
YU3VIP, Vasilije
E70RA , Alem
E75DCE, Dino
E79AA, Hasan
4O9I, Dragisa
Marko, 4O9TT

Protection of Young People Involved in IARU Region 1 Youth Activities

IARU Region 1 has a rapidly developing youth programme to encourage the recruitment, growth and development of young people in Amateur Radio.

Modern standards require proper safeguarding of young people. The “IARU Region 1 Child Protection Policy” has therefore been implemented, which sets out the responsibilities of all those who are in a supervisory role during such IARU events.

For the full policy (pdf) click here

For Appendices 1-3 to complete ("Word" format) click here

New Youth Contesting Program (YCP)

In 2015 a new Youth Contesting Program (YCP) of IARU R1 will start. Youth members from IARU R1 member societies are invited to take part in a contest from so called “Top-Gun” stations. These young HAM’s will learn how to operate the contest station, improve their contest skills and will aim for the best results together as a team.
A youngster will probably be coming for the first time to the host country and will get the chance to experience this country and share amateur radio knowledge with local youngsters.

For more information and the application form visit this link.

YOTA 2015 started in a warm Italy


5th Edition of Youngsters On The Air started last Saturday in Marina di Massa, Italy. This year for the first time also teams outside Europe –Oman, Tunisia, South Africa– travelled to the YOTA event. All activities are organized by ARI and handled by ARI Tuscany Regional Committee.
The youth had already the opportunity to take part in a US license exam, tasted food and drinks from all countries and listened to a presentation from the Italian DXpedition team in Africa.
Follow the youngsters on They are actively posting blogs, pictures and movies. Or try to make a QSO with II5YOTA. This special callsign is active till 25th of July.

International Youth Meeting HAM Radio Friedrichshafen

Last Saturday the International Youth Meeting was held during HAM Radio Friedrichshafen. This event was hosted by German Youth Coordinator Annette, DL6SAK, and Youth WG Chair Lisa, PA2LS.
In this file you will find the slides of the following presentations:
Introduction of the new Youth Contest Program (YCP) of IARU R1 – PA2LS
YCP at 9A1A and youth projects of 9A1BRZ – 9A9A and 9A5W
Differences between German and US American Youth Communities – DO7KAY
In the end an interesting discussion took place, which was started by Kay DO7KAY, pointing out differences between German and US radio amateurs. Kay received for a year ARRL’s QST Magazine. With this he had the chance to dig deeper in the background of US radio amateurs.
After that, one of the main topics was the difficulty of obtaining an amateur radio license. This seems to be a problem in several countries. Depending on fees, minimum age, location of examination, level of exam questions and learning material. The discussion on this topic will continue in the near future. When it is hard to obtain a license, we will never get many more young radio amateurs.

The Annual School Club EU – Day

 German Initiative AATIS invites school stations to be active on 5th of May 2015. This  activity is supposed to  bring contacts with and among school amateur radio club and  training stations and school girls and boys with  own callsigns as well as contacts with  every other station from all over Europe. The activity is a great way to  get young operators  on the air from their school shacks using their training call signs (or the school club's call  sign for irrelevant messages only – according to national law). Very often a new operator  will be intimidated by  the fear of not knowing what to say to the stranger on the other side  of the radio. The exchange of information  helps to overcome this fear in a low pressure contest format, it should not be made a "5-9-contest". Operators  are encouraged to take more time to chat beyond the exchange of the necessary details. A certificate of  participation will be issued for stations that send an excerpt from the log of the day. There is also the chance of  winning one of the fantastic prizes issued by AATiS. More information is available in this document.

Call for application: Youngsters On The Air Italy 2015

It’s already time for the 5th edition of the Youngsters On The Air summer event. In 2015 the youth radio camp will take place in Italy, organized by ARI (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani)
In this week teams of young radio amateurs from several countries will be participating in all kind of amateur radio activities. Think about workshops, contesting and ARDF, we will try to show many aspects of the radio hobby. Off course you will also get the chance to learn about other cultures, in the famous intercultural evening you will get the chance to try food and drinks from all participating countries. As we go to Italy, we will also show you the country and Italian traditions.
This is just a little bit about what we are going to do in this event. It will be a great experience for all participants which they will never forget. To get a better feeling about this, have a look at the gallery from previous events.

When: 18-25 July 2015
Participants: each IARU member society is invited to take part with a team. A team consist of maximum 5 persons, 4 Persons with the age 15-25 years and one person is dedicated as team leader.
Location: Marina di Massa, Tuscany
Fees: travel costs to Pisa airport and €25 per participant
All other costs (accomodation, food, activities) will be covered, main funder of the event is IARU R1.

If your member society is interested to participate, please respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 27 January 2015 with sending in this application form. There is a limit of 75 participants. Make sure you will apply in time. We will announce the participating countries shortly after the deadline.

For any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

December YOTA month! Bulletin 1


December is coming closer. This means it is almost time for the next Youngsters On The Air activity. Have a look at the bulletin for the latest info. Feel free to participate.

December YOTA month! - 2014 edition

After having last year the first edition of December YOTA month! it’s time for a new one. During the whole month of December several countries will become active with YOTA as suffix in the call sign. The idea for this is to break the ice for some youngsters and take the microphone in the hand. As seen over the years the YOTA-group is growing fast and every week more youngsters are asking to participate. Let us all make Youngsters On The Air popular in HAM radio and let us all help to put youngsters on the HAM radio train!

Would you like to participate? Have a look at this document and do not forget to register before 24 November.