High Speed Telegraphy (HST)

7th International HST Competition "Cup of Nations"

HST 2011
7th International HST Competition

Belorussian city of Mogilev hosted the traditional competition in High Speed Telegraphy called "Cup of Nations". More than 80 competitors from nine countries (Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Serbia) competed for medals, the winners have demonstrated very high performance.

Congratulations to them all, especially to those four who set new world records:

  • Hanna Viarouka, BFRR (Morse Runner, Category females under 16 years age)
  • Stanislau Haurylenka, BFRR (RUFZ, Category males under 21 years age)
  • Yauheni Kakhno, BFRR (Receiving mixed text, Category males open)
  • Anna Sadukova, SRR (RUFZ, Category females under 16 years age)

The Belorussian team won the "Cup of Nations".

Thanks to Andrei, EU7KI for the excellent organization.

MRSF High Speed Telegraphy


This week the Ulaanbaatar city 2011 HST Championship took place in the MRSF facilities at the Technical Sports Center of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 16 female and 14 male HST competitors participated in this event. "Male" category medalist are Chinzorig. E, Boldbaatar. Ts and Udaahtsetseg U. Note that Mrs Udaahtsetseg competed in the male category. Female medalistst are  Altantuya, Buyantogtoh. S, and Oyuntuya.

Eleven new competitors participated in their first HST competition.

7th International HST championship "Cup of nations" 2011

The 7th International HST championship of Belarus "Cup of nations" will take place from 7-11 July 2011 in Mogilev, Belarus.  This is a traditional event and as always offer a good opportunity for final preparations before the main competition in the current year (9th IARU World HST Championship, 19-23 October). Several top HST teams already confirmed their participation. For all necessary information and details regarding this event please contact Mr. Andrei Bindasov EU7KI at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +375 297 455 474

9th IARU HST World Championship

The IARU-R1 HSTWG and the host of the 9th IARU High Speed Telegraphy World Championship, the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) e.V. are pleased to invite  enthusiasts from all countries and continents to take part at this event. The Championship will take place in Bielefeld, Germany between October 19th and 23rd, 2011. Details on HST in general, the rules, the venue and much more is available on http://www.hst2011.de .

IARU-Societies and/or individuals that are interested in taking part are kindly requested to read Bulletin No. 1 that is published on the website and send in the Letter of Intent until May 31st, 2011. For additional questions or queries contacts the organizers on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Check the IARU Region 1 Photo Gallery for pictures from previous HST events.

7th IARU R1 HST Championship, Rawa Mazowiecka,Poland

The 7th IARU R1 HST Championship took place from 5-9 October in Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland. The event was organized by the Polish radioamateur union ( PZK ). The championship was very well organized and all members of the OC, together with the employees of the hotel Tatar deserve full recommendation for the outstanding job. Some outstanding results were made during the competition. Two (2) world records were achieved. The magic border of 300 figures/min for the ladies is now history. Hanna Shavialenka EW8NK from Belarus is a holder of the new world record in receiving figures. All results as well as the list of present World records is available on R1 web site.

By the unanimous decision of the HSTWG the host of the next 9th IARU HST World Championship is German amateur radio club DARC and the city of Bielefeld.