Monitoring System (IARUMS)

Firedrake Music Jammer

Firedrake Music Jammer was heard on May 1st, 2009 and starting to jam after the usual 5 minutes break at 0905 UTC on 13970 kHz. The jammed station was possibly Sound of Hope from TWN.

10147 kHz – Far East pirate net

The pirate net on 10147 kHz (LSB) is still very active every day at 1400 utc and (or) later. Probably male persons from Indonesia.

14001.9 kHz – Weatherfax from USA

Weatherfax transmission on 14001.9 kHz on February, 18th at 17 utc. The parameters: 120 rpm and IOC 576. Ident: “NIK”. Source: US Coast Guard Boston. The transmission frequency was possibly mistuned.  I informed AA3GZ, Jack. He sent a complaint to the US Coast Guard. The German PTT was informed, too.

7089.9 kHz – weatherfax from Sevastopol, Ukraine – still active

We found a weatherfax on 7089.9 kHz with daily transmissions from 1340 - 1400 utc. The parameters: 60 rpm – IOC: 576, shift 770 Hz, transmitting from an old fax machine. The German PTT (BNetzA) sent an official complaint to Ukraine.

10140 kHz – OTH radar Cyprus

The OTH radar Cyprus appeared very often and disturbed the 10 MHz-Band with signals spreading over 20 kHz. Pulse rate often 50 pps.