50 - 54 MHz

the 6 meter band (50-52 MHz)

This bandplan is the simpliefied version, without the footnotes. If you want to have the fully detailed bandplan please refer to the VHF managers Handbook

Varna 2014 - Download the 6 metre band file


This bandplan, first adopted at the IARU Region 1 Conference in Torremolinos (1990) and revised at the 1996 Tel Aviv conference, the 2002 San Marino Conference, and the 2011 Sun City Conference is recommended for use in those countries in the European part of Region 1 which allow amateurs to operate in this part of the radio spectrum. In many countries in the African part of Region 1 (see footnotes accompanying the ITU frequency allocation table) the 50 ‑ 54 MHz band is allocated to the Amateur Service on a primary basis. These Countries may refer to the SARL Bandplan.


Maximum Bandwidth Mode Usage








500 Hz


Telegraphy exclusive

(except Beacon Project)

 50.000 - 010 Region 1*

 50.010 - 020 Region 2*

 50.020 - 030 Region 3*

 50.050 CW future international center of activity

 50.090 Intercontinental  center of activity








2 700 Hz




 50.100 - 130   Intercontinental section

 50.110   Intercontinential center of activity

 50.130 - 200 International section

 50.150  International center of activity





2 700 Hz




 General usage

 50.285 for crossband







2 700 Hz





 50.305 PSK Center of activity

 50.310 - 320  EME center of activity

 50.320 - 380  MS center of activity







1 000 Hz








50.401 MHz +/- 500Hz WSPR Beacons


















12 kHz





all mode

50.510    SSTV

50.520 - 540  Simplex FM Internet Voice Gateways

50.550   Image working frequency

50.600   RTTY (FSK)

50.620 - 750   Digital communications

50.630    Digital Voice (DV) calling

51.210 - 390  FM/DV Repeater Inputs

51.410 - 590  FM/DV Simplex

51.510    FM calling frequency

51.810 - 51.990  FM repeaters output channels

In many countries in the African part of Region 1 (see footnotes accompanying the ITU frequency allocation table) the 50 - 54 MHz band is allocated to the
Amateur Service on a primary basis. These Countries may refer to the SARL Bandplan. Please see the IARU Region-1 VHF Handbook for details.

Overview of 50 MHz status in ITU Region 1 (Revised 26th Feb 2016 - ON4AVJ)


Allocation Table or EFIS

Other source

Albania 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Algeria (PDR of)   ARA website
Andorra 50.0-52.0 MHz sec   
Angola (Republic of)    
Armenia (republic of)    
Austria 50.0-52.0 MHz sec max. 100 Watts
Azerbaijani Republic    
Bahrain (Kingdom of)

50.0-50.5 MHz primary,

50.5-52.0 MHz sec

RR 4.4 - 1500 Watts - A92IO Dec 2013
Belarus (Republic of) Not allowed  operation allowed 1994-1998 (BFRR)
Belgium 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Benin (Republic of)    
Bosnia and Hercegovina 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Botswana (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Bulgaria (Republic of) 50.05-50.20 MHz sec Max 10 Watts  
Burkina Faso    
Burundi (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169 (removed from footnote WRC-12)
Cameroon (Republic of)    
Cape Verde (Republic of)    
Central African Republic    
Chad (Republic of)    
Comoros (union of the)    
Congo (Democratic Republic of the) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Congo (Republic of)    
Côte d'Ivoire    
Croatia (Republic of) 50.0-51.9 MHz sec 100 Watts and max 12 kHz bandwidth
Cyprus (Republic of) 50.0-51.0 MHz sec   
Czech Republic 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Denmark 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Djibouti (Republic of)    
Egypt (Arab Republic of)    
Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)    
Estonia (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Ethiopia (FDR of)    
Faroe Islands 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Finland 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  


50.2-52.0 MHz sec 120 Watts peak (RR 1.157) 
Gabonese Republic    
Gambia (Republic of the)    
Germany (Federal Republic of) 50.08-51.0 MHz sec  
Greece 50.0-52.0 MHz sec 100 Watts max 
Guinea (Republic of)    
Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)    
Hungary (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec 10 Watts ERP 
Iceland 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Iraq (Republic of)    
Ireland 50.0-52.0 MHz sec 100 W updated IRTS July 2010
Israel (State of)    
Italy 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of) 50.0-51.5 MHz  
Kazakhstan (Republic of)    
Kenya (Republic of)    
Kuwait (State of)    
Kyrgyz Republic    
Latvia (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 sec   
Lebanon   Not allowed
Lesotho (Kingdom of) 50.0-54.0 MHz prim FN 5.169
Liberia (Republic of)    
Liechtenstein (Principality of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Lithuania (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec Class A operators only - 25 Watts EIRP 
Luxembourg 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Madagascar (Republic of)    
Malawi 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Mali (Republic of)    
Malta 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Mauretania (Islamic Republic of)    
Mauritius (Republic of)   not allowed (ops who activated 3B9C)
Moldova (Republic of)   not allowed (ARM)
Monaco (Principality of) 50.0-52.0 MHz  (http://www.arm.asso.mc/page21.html)
Montenegro 50.0-52.0 MHz sec   
Morocco (Kingdom of)    
Mozambique (Republic of)    
Namibia (Republic of) 50.0-54.0 MHz prim FN 5.169
Netherlands (Kingdom of the) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec

Niger (Republic of the)    
Nigeria (Federal Republic of) not in NAT (PB2T sept 04) amateur activity reported
Norway 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Oman (Sultanate of)  50.0-52.0 MHz sec  as of June 2010. source ROARS A41KB
Poland (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  
Portugal 50.0-50.5 MHz sec
Starting 26 April 2012 the band was extended to 50-52 MHz sec with 25 Watts. (ICP-ANACOM)
Qatar (State of)    
Romania 50.0-52.0 MHz sec   
Russian Federation    
Rwanda (Republic of) 50.0-54.0 MHz prim FN 5.169
San Marino (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec   
Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of)    
Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of) not allowed CITC webpage
Senegal (Republic of) 50.0-51.0 MHz prim

FN 5.169

Serbia 50.0-51.9 MHz sec FN70 (NN25)
Seychelles (Republic of)    
Sierra Leone    
Slovak Republic 50.0-52.0 MHz sec http://www.vus.sk/ntfs
Slovenia (Republic of) 50.0-52.0 MHz prim  
Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya    
Somali Democratic Republic 50.0-54.0 MHz  http://www.somaliahamradio.8k.com/custom4.html
South Africa (Republic of) 50.0-54.0 MHz prim FN 5.169
Spain 50.0-52.0 MHz sec  600 Watts PEP and 1000 Watts for EME and MS outside cities.
Sudan (Republic of the)    
Swaziland (Kingdom of) 50.0-54.0 MHz prim FN 5.169
Sweden 50.0-52.0 MHz sec Max 200 Watts
Switzerland (Confederation of) 50.0-52.0 MHz sec

www.bakom.admin.ch/themen/frequenzen/00652/00654/index.html?lang=en www.ofcomnet.ch/cgi-bin/rir.pl?id=1101;nb=11

Syrian Arab Republic    
Tajikistan (Republic of)    
Tanzania (United Republic of)    
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 50.0-52.0 MHz sec   
Togolese Republic    
Turkey NAT: no Only with limited permission.   Not available at this time. 
Uganda (Republic of)    
United Arab Emirates    
United Kingdom of GB and NI (incl. Gibraltar) 50.0-51.0 MHz prim 51.0-52.0 MHz sec

50.0-51.0 MHz 400W (26dBw), 51.0-52.0 MHz 100 Watts (20dBw)

Uzbekistan (Republic of)    
Vatican City State 50.0-52.0 MHz sec   
Yemen (Republic of)    
Zambia (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169
Zimbabwe (Republic of) 50-54 MHz prim FN 5.169