Disaster Workshop in Turkey


A workshop “Creating Basic Awareness on Disasters” is in progress in the University of Gaziantep, Turkey. Students from Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey, some of them radio amateurs, take part in it. After having a lecture and live demonstration in local Fire Brigade department, after visiting Emergency Ward in local hospital with practical exercise there, after training together with Turkish Rescue Team AKUT (see the photo), it was logical Amateur Radio community to demonstrate how hams may help governmental and municipal authorities in emergency situation. I delivered a short lecture “Why Radio Amateurs may be useful in emergency situations”, emphasizing on:

  • they are independent, they can contact other Radio Amateurs not suffering obvious problems such as cut communication cables, fallen GSM cells, lack of electricity, etc.; 
  • they are technically well educated, they know how to organize radio contact in different situations; 
  • they are elsewhere in big cities, but also in rural areas and small villages. 

TurkeyAfter the lecture all the hams organized and demonstrated VHF/UHF network using their handheld radios. Finally all the students went out of the city, where Turkish society TRAC, and first of all its president Aziz Sasa, TA1E, assisted by Greek society’s president Manos Darkadakis, SV1IW, demonstrated HF portable station (call sign TC8EU) and made several QSOs with correspondents from the above countries, giving the microphone to the relevant student for short conversation in their language. That was accepted very enthusiastically by the students and they showered radio amateurs with great number of questions. TA1E, SV1IW, LZ1US, LZ1UPI, TA2AEO, SV1HER, SV1IYA and LZ1YAM were accurate and convincing, and as a result I dare to say, that most of the students will surely and soon became radio amateurs.