Inofficial IARUMS Region 1 Meeting - Hamradio 2011

As every year there will be lectures about the activities of IARU Region 1 and DARC Monitoring System Intruder Watch. It will take place on

Saturday, 25 June 2011

  • 10.00 - 11.30 local time
  • at Room Schweiz
  • in Hall A2
on the Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Expo site

LECTURES in Room "Schweiz"
1. Welcome and Lecture "We must safeguard our short wave spectrum. Your help is needed!" by Ulrich Bihlmayer DJ9KR, Vice Coordinator of IARU-MS Region 1 and
Coordinator of DARC Monitoring System
2. Guest Lecture: "USKA Monitoring System, an active and reliable partner of IARU-MS R1" by Peter Jost, HB9CET, Coordinator of USKA Monitoring System Intruder Watch
3. Lecture "Radar systems on our Short Wave ham bands", by Wolf Hadel DK2OM, Coordinator of IARU-MS Region 1 and Vice Coordinator of DARC-Monitoring System

At 12.00 local time there is an inofficial Meeting for Intruder Monitoring Systems Coordinators and Officials of IARU and BNetzA. We invite you cordially to this meeting which will take place in "Room Bodensee" on the Ham Radio Exposite.

Fraternally yours in Intruder Watching and Reporting,

Wolfgang Hadel DK2OM - Coordinator IARUMS Region 1 
Vice Coordinator of DARC Monitoring System  

Ulrich Bihlmayer DJ9KR / DL0IW - Vice Coordinator IARUMS Region 1            
Coordinator of DARC Monitoring System