High Speed Telegraphy (HST)

HST 2014 - dates determined

In addition to the previous post, I officially announce that the next 8th IARU R1 HST championship will take place in city of Bar, Montenegro from 12-16 September 2014.


Everyone is invited

11th IARU HST World championship, Borovec 2013

The 11th IARU HST World championship took place from 22-26 September in Borovec, Bulgaria. More than 130 participants (90 competitors) from 12 countries attended the event. Good results were achieved, confirmed with one new world record in female category

Julia Vyazovskaya UA4FGO at receiving figures at 310 s/min

The complete list of current HST world records can be found here

The complete results of the 11th World Championship can be found  here or at www.hst2013.eu

The organizing Society BFRA did an outstanding job and each member of the organizing committee deserves credit for a well done job. 

The next 8th IARU-R1 HST championship will be held in Bar, Montenegro 12-16 September 2014.

Ulaanbaatar HST Championship

MRSF2On June 7 the Mongolian Radio Sport Federation (MRSF) organized the Ulaanbaatar city 2013 HST Championship  at the Technical Sports Center in Ulaanbaatar. 

There were five referees from the MRSF and 32 contestants who competed in receive and transmit, RUFZ and Morse Runner. Eight new telegraphers joined the Event which was featured on two TV stations.

High Speed Telegraphy events in 2013

For all of you, HST competitors, trainers, fans or just CW enthusiast here are the main HST event in 2013. Of course the most important is always the 11th HST World Championship, this year hosted by the BULGARIAN FEDERATION OF RADIO AMATEURS (BFRA). The venue is a beautiful mountain resort in Borovets about 60-km south from the capital Sofia. Preliminary, the terms of the championship are set for the last 10 days of September. The exact terms will be posted soon, together with all relevant information regarding the championship.

Prior to this event, there will be two other International competitions organized by SRS and BFRA.

The first one is the "HST World Cup" hosted by the SAVEZ RADIO-AMATERA SRBIJE (SRS) of Serbia, that will take place in a famous spa resort in Sokobanja located about 240- km SE from the capital Belgrade. The terms are set for 1-5 May. Complete information could be obtained from Dusan Ceha, YU1EA by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or GSM: +381 64 113 05 90

The second one is the 1st  Balkan HST Championship, hosted by the BULGARIAN FEDERATION OF RADIO AMATEURS (BFRA) that will take place in the city of Lovech located about 150 km NE from the capital Sofia. Terms are set for  May 31- June 2. Complete information could be obtained at the BFRA Homepage  or from Panayot Danev LZ1US.

I wish everyone successful competition and satisfaction