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IARU R1 Youth WG invited by CARS
The IARU R1 Youth Working Group recently got invited by the Cyprus Amateur Radio Society (CARS) into their Nicosia Heaquarters. Philipp Springer (DK6SP — Chair, IARU R1 Youth Working Group) took up the opportunity and introduced a school class of very …
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  • IARU in Friedrichshafen and HAM Radio 2022 in June
  • June 20, 2022 – June 26, 2022
  • Many events have been cancelled during the past two years due to the pandemic. This year IARU plan several meetings and events before and during HAM Radio 2022.

    • IARU Administrative Council (AC) will meet 20-21 June
    • IARU Region 1 Executive Committee (EC) will meet 22 June
    • IARU Region 1 committies interim meetings; HF (C4), V/U/SHF (C5) and EMC (C7) plan meetings on 23 June
    • IARU Region 1 committees and working groups will have events during HAM Radio on 24 to 26 June. Detailed information will follow.

    Please see the IARU Interim meeting website for more information.

    HAM Radio 2022 is an excellent opportunity to meet and catch up after the pandemic!