Introducing IARU Region 1 Youth coordinator — PA2LS

Lisa PA2LS, currently 21 years old, obtained her first license when she was 13 years old. She received the novice call PD2LLS. In 2009 she passed the full-license exam.

In the summer of 2010 Lisa went to Romania as leader of the Dutch team to the Youngsters On the Air event. With a group of 40 youngsters, most of them radio amateurs, she participated in different radio activities under callsigns YO0YOA and YO0TSL. In 2010, together with her father PE1KL, she activated LG5LG and SJ9WL in Morokulien, located at the border of Sweden and Norway. In April/May 2011 they went together on dxpedition to Ghana. Lisa’s Ghanaian callsign is 9G5LL.

Lisa is active during contests and other events like JOTA, clubstation fieldday and in contest teams. A Product Design Engineering major, she enjoys playing piano and does this in a band with whom she performs.

With her experience, and also what she heard from other young radio amateurs, Lisa is looking to get the youth community in IARU Region 1 more active. She will be working with member societies in promoting Amateur Radio among youth, share ideas and experiences leading to an increased number of young radio amateurs.

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