Meet SRAL Youth Coordinator OH2FPK Mari

Born in 1993, Mari OH2FPK, daughter of OH2BEA and Sister of OH2FDE, earned her first license at the SRAL 2009 youth training camp and the her Extra class in 2010 at the SUOMEN RADIOAMATOORILIITTO ry (SRAL) youth training camp where she also served as assistant camp leader and then became SRAL youth instructor the same year.

Mentored by Jukka OH2BR, Mari is very active on the air and has so far participated in three main contests: SAC 2010, CQWW 2010 and IARU HF contest 2011. She has also participated in the Aland Island OH0/OH2DXF DX-pedition and OH8X events. She is very competent in CW (175 ch/min) and an avid DXer with a country total of 157.

Mari is a smart, positive and reliable person with perseverance and solid goal-orientation. She is teaching taido to the young boys and now two of her pupils are hams. Mari enjoys taido, astronomy and meteorology, bicycling and running. Quite an impressive track record in such a short time. Congratulations.

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