IARU Region 1 ATV Contest 2020 Results

The IARU Region 1 ATV Contest was held on 1314 June 2020. 

Due to travel restrictions in some countries caused by the COVID 19
Pandemic, the main scoring tables have been split into 2 sections.
Section 1 is for entrants who only operated from their home station
address, whereas those operating from alternative addresses or
portable locations entered Section 2. 

There were 92 entrants from 8 countries competing, using all bands from 432 MHz to 76 GHz.

The Overall winner of Section 1 for fixed stations was Wim PE1EZU,
while Francesco IK3HHG won Section 2 and had the highest overall

Propagation conditions appeared to be good across Southern
Europe with a number of contacts (even on 3 cm) at over 200 km. The best DX was a 70 cm ATV Contact between F5AGO and F1CSY at 370 km.

Participation was much increased from last year (55 to 92), which is a very welcome sign.

Final results

Please don’t forget next year’s IARU ATV Contest on 1213 June 2021.
Dave, G8GKQ

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