IARU represents the amateur service in more discussions on WPT

The meeting of ITU‑R Study Group 1 and its subordinate working parties was held from 24th November until 2nd December. The amateur service has a particular interest in the work done in WP1A on Wireless Power Transmission. Region 1 President Don Beattie, G3BJ and Executive Committee Member Sylvain Azarian, F4GKR, on behalf of IARU, represented the amateur service at the meeting.

IARU had submitted four papers for the WP1A meeting. One was a joint paper with EBU and BBC proposing changes and corrections to ITU‑R Report SM.2449 on Generic WPT devices. A second submission was an information paper relating to the German ENAMS noise measurement system and reporting to ITU that IARU would shortly be in a position to provide data on levels of man-made noise around Germany.

A third paper was a challenge to a US submission which proposed that work on WPT emissions should stop in ITU. The US paper further proposed that if work was continued, it should be towards a Report not a Recommendation.

The final paper from IARU was a proposed set of amendments to report SM.2451 (impact of WPT for electric vehicles) and in particular a detailed critique of a proposed new US Annex to the Report covering the tests carried out in Texas in January 2020 on a pre-production WPT-EV system.

Significant discussion took place on the last two items, resulting in agreement to continue the work on WPT Emissions. Amendments were made to the proposed incorporation of the US Annex into a revised Report 2451, and these will be considered further at the next meeting.

IARU continues to advocate caution on the permitted levels of spurious emissions from WPT-EV systems. IARU’s position was supported by EBU, BBC and a number of administrations. 

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