Region 1 Multi-Operator contests September 2020 onwards

Multi-Operator Contests bring radio amateurs together and so can represent an environment where social distancing can be difficult to achieve. We must recognize that many radio amateurs are in the older, higher-risk age groups. We had hoped that by now, the Covid-19 pandemic would be subsiding, but after improvements over the summer, the opposite now appears to be the case in a number of European countries. Despite this, we know that many Member Societies want to keep the Multi operator class in their National and International contests in 2020.

It is up to the National Member Societies to examine the situation in their own country and to decide if it is appropriate to hold the Multi-operator class in their country. IARU Region 1 will continue to adjudicate Regional multi-operator contests but at all times, contesters must respect their local, regional or national regulations on infection control.

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