IARU and European Commission meet on WPT-EV

At the request of the European Commission, IARU met on 25 March with representatives of the automotive industry, standards bodies and the Commission to review the current position on the development of an emission standard for Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles. There was a frank exchange of views, during which IARU made clear the technical basis for its concerns about unwanted emissions from WPT-EV. WPT-EV developers presented their case, based on the tests they had undertaken. After exploring the issues, the Commission determined that further joint tests should be arranged and asked CEN/CENELEC to facilitate these. IARU confirmed it was content to participate and welcomed the initiative, stressing that the tests needed to be conducted in an electrically quiet environment. 

A further meeting will take place once the relevant tests have been completed, with a view to making progress towards an emission standard. In attending the meeting, IARU made clear that it viewed the discussions as being without prejudice to the ongoing work in CEPT, CISPR and ITU on the same topic.

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