IARU engagement in the 23cm band protection in ITU‑R continues

Over the period 28th April until 11th May 2021, the preparatory work for WRC-23 agenda item 9.1b continued in ITU‑R Working Party 5A (WP5A). An ITU‑R report is under development detailing the technical and operational characteristics of the amateur services use of the band 1240 – 1300 MHz. As usual, the IARU participated in the meeting and delivered key information on the global amateur band plans in this key microwave band and the relationship to the radio navigation satellite services (RNSS) operating co-frequency across the band. This information is vital to ensure the amateur services are realistically represented in the studies as they move forward. For this reason the information was formally made available to ITU‑R Working Party 4C for their consideration as they develop the technical studies.

The work on this topic will continue throughout the year both in ITU‑R and in the regional telecommunications organisations and the IARU is committed to ensure every group hears the amateur position on this important microwave band.

The report from this last WP5A meeting is here.

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