Is India building its own over-the-horizon radar (OTHR)?

According to a report by Alpha Defense India, the Defence Research and Development Organisation’s premier radar development laboratory is working on an “over-the-horizon” OTH radar system to keep a close eye on Chinese movements in the Indian Ocean region. The system design has already been completed, according to the report. The next step is the realisation of a prototype.

The radar prototype is to have two different types of radar arrays — a log-periodic wire antenna array and a broadband monopole antenna array. It is believed that the log-periodic antenna array will be used to determine the best frequency (MUF), which is known to depend on current conditions in the ionosphere and the sunspot cycle. The monopole antenna array is to consist of an array of 32 elements. The actual system is to be developed later after extensive testing and evaluation.

This over-the-horizon radar system will then be used to monitor and track ship movements over a large area, giving the Indian armed forces the ability to look over the horizon over a large distance, so the report.

OTHR often massively interfere with amateur radio, so as the wellknown Russian Contayner OTHR, the British radar from UK base Cyprus, from the Iran or from China. They are present daily on several frequencies within the exclusive amateur radio HF bands.

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