Member Societies seek inputs for 2021 Workshop

Member Societies taking part in the IARU 2021 Workshop program are now working on their SWOT analyses. 

The two largest societies in IARU Region 1, DARC and RSGB, have asked their members and others interested to contribute to the work they are doing to prepare for the Region 1 Workshop in October concerning the future of amateur radio and the role of IARU and its Member Societies through an on-line survey. For radio amateurs in Germany and UK, the opportunity to contribute can be found at https://​www​.darc​.de/​d​e​r​-​c​l​u​b​/​v​o​-​a​r​/​v​o​r​s​t​a​n​d​/​i​a​r​u​-​u​m​f​r​a​ge/ and www​.rsgb​.org/​s​u​r​vey respectively. Both surveys close 23rd May.

Other societies are working with amater radio groups in their countries in differing ways to develop views about the current state of amateur radio which will provide inputs to their work on the SWOT anayses.

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