YOTA Online – Session #10 “Gone exploring!”

Press Release by Youngsters On The Air
Thursday, 11.02.2021

Are you ready for our upcoming YOTA online session already?
Did you set your alarms to Thursday, 25.02.2021 — 1900 UTC?

In this newest episode the team will present the main topic “Gone exploring!”. This time we will introduce you to different aspects of our common hobby, like WWFF, IOTA and SOTA. If you fancy to know what these abbreviations stand for and what you can do there free to join this newest YOTA Online session and listen to our guests on the show. Furthermore, we will also have a special prize draw after you solved our new riddle live on the show. We will give away two more ICOM merch packages. So, stay tuned and be excited!

The Youth Working Group within the IARU Region 1 created a new program called “YOTA online”. In these monthly gatherings we will try to bring the YOTA feeling towards the online community and spread the word that there is youth in ham radio. A YOTA team consisting of active youngsters will present different topics, while answering questions from the community. There will also be a section where different recent YOTA event hosts will be able to present the highlights, while also giving participants the opportunity to share stories. These sessions are also interesting if you want to learn more about organizing such amateur radio events for young people. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the group presenting. At the end of the event we will also do a prize raffle including a little riddle amongst all participants.

We will be streaming live again on our Youtube, Facebook and Twitch channels. Furthermore, we try to stream via the QO-100 geostationary satellite in DATV mode again.

Here are the links to our channels.
Youtube — https://​www​.youtube​.com/​h​a​m​y​ota
Twitch — https://​www​.twitch​.tv/​h​a​m​y​ota
Facebook — https://​www​.facebook​.com/​h​a​m​y​ota

If you have questions while the event takes place do not hesitate to ask them.
Please keep in mind that we will be monitoring only the chats on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch while we are streaming live.
All other comments will be answered afterwards for sure.

If you missed earlier episodes or just want to watch a topic again it is very easy.
Just visit our Youtube Channel and select what you want to see.

We hope to welcome you on the show!


Youngsters On The Air is an initiative by the IARU Region 1

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