Azores Radio Amateurs on standby for seismic activity.

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The island of São Jorge in the Azores has suffered over 1800 earthquakes over 48 hours causing concerns and prompting the Regional Government of the Azores to prepare contingency plans to protect the islands population. 

Carlos Nora CT1END, Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator for Portugal reports that a group of nine Radio Amateurs in the towns of Velas and Calheta are working to support emergency communications locally through VHF/UHF repeaters but also long range links back to Portugal on;

80M – 3,750.00 MHz. — 3,760.00 MHz. – LSB (Overnight)
40M – 7,100.00 MHz. — 7,110.00 MHz. – LSB (During the day)
20M – 14,300.00 MHz. USB (For outside region)

This external activity being supported by the Azores DX group and the Portuguese national society REP.

Other radio amateurs are encouraged to listen carefully and avoid causing any QRM to emergency operations on the above frequencies. 

This news item will be updated as soon as the situation returns to normal. 

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