Caribbean Emergency networks activate for potential tropical cyclone.

Forecast Tropical Storm Track

Carlos CO2JC, IARU Region 2 Emergency Communications Co-ordinator reports that a potential tropical cyclone is entering the Caribbean Sea on Wednesday June 29 and the amateur radio emergency networks of the countries in the area are being activated.

The director of the National Emergency Network of the Venezuelan Radio Club, Domingo Hernández Lima, YV5IZE, has reported that this network is already active on 7.135 MHz and on several VHF repeater systems.

Likewise, Juan de la Cruz Rodríguez Pérez, YN1J, National Emergency Coordinator of the Radio Experimenters Club of Nicaragua, requests that until Tuesday, July 05, at 18:00 UTC, the following frequencies are protected for any emergency traffic:

3.898 MHz (Main) and 3.798 MHz (Alternate).
7.098 MHz (Main) and 7.198 MHz (Alternate)
14.198 MHz (Main)

We thank all Radio Amateurs in the region for protecting these frequencies and monitoring for any help they may need.

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