HAMChallenge 2022 finalists announced

We are delighted to announce the finalists of the first HAMChallenge. We received a lot of contributions and it has not been easy for the Jury to preselect 5 proposals for the finals.

For the final selection, the Jury has chosen the following proposals:
• 5B4AHZ for “Escape Rooms”,
• EA4HDN for “AM BoB”,
• HB9FEU for “A public database of fun projects for innovation”,
• IU2FRL for “UrgenSat”,
• ZS6GUY for “A Workbook that will showcase various aspects of the hobby”.
*contributions are done by individuals or teams, only one person per team is mentioned above

In addition, the Jury thanks DL2BQA and F4GOH for their excellent contributions! Although their proposals were not taken through to the final selection they receive “honourable mentions” for their ideas.

The five selected proposals now have up to the 22nd of June to prepare:
• A short video presenting their project
• A document explaining the proposed next steps to make their proposals a reality

They should be ready for a short Q&A session to be scheduled during HAM Radio 2022, either online or in-person.

Finally, we thank all participants for their interest and invite everyone to prepare a contribution for next year. We will need to continue to innovate and prepare the future of amateur radio.

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