IARU R1 SRLC at HamRadio2022

The IARU Region 1 Spectrum Regulation and Liaison Committee (SRLC) chair took part in a joint session with the R1 Political Relations Committee (PRC) during the member society International Meeting convened during the HamRadio2022 Friedrichshafen event. The session highlighted the connections the SRLC maintains with Region 1 regulatory bodies and the work carried out since early 2021. This included engagement in the WRC23 preparatory activities in a number of regional bodies and the detailed study work both with ITU‑R and CEPT. The hot topics affecting amateur spectrum bands were summarised with particular attention being paid to the 23cm band topic on the agenda of WRC23.

The SRLC slide set can be found here.

Further detailed information on the 23cm band topic can be found here.

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