Lowest and highest bands under the spotlight in CEPT SE24

CEPT Short Range Device project team SE24 meeting #108 took place 9 — 11 January 2023. The IARU participated in the work of the group on several work items associated with Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) automotive radars. 

The impact and standardisation of WPT technologies is being carefully assessed across the lowest HF bands and the impact of the UWB technologies is relevant in the amateur service allocations in the mm-wave bands at 76 GHz, 122 GHz and 134 GHz. 

The IARU R1 continues to fully engage in the ongoing studies associated with WPT to ensure minimal impact to our lowest HF bands. The IARU made a contribution to ensure the amateur services voice was heard in the discussion to finalise draft ECC Report 351 on spectrum sharing studies on mm-wave UWB radar systems. Draft ECC reports 350 and 351 were finalised. A SRLC report can be found here.

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