Mexico completes hurricane response activities.

Violent Windstorm

The Mexican Federation of Radio Experimenters has communicated through its Emergency Coordinator, Zian Julio Aguirre Taboada, XE1ATZ, as well as Agustín López Guerrero, for the Association of Radio Amateurs of the Mexican Republic that due to the completion of emergency communications related to the effects caused by the hurricane Otis releases the following frequencies for which protection has been requested for regular use.

80m band: 3690 kHz
40m band: 7060 kHz, 7095 and 7120 kHz
20m band: 14120 kHz

We appreciate the support provided by colleagues from various countries and regions to guarantee these emergency communications in Mexico and we congratulate Mexican radio amateurs for the excellent work carried out.

Carlos Alberto Santamaría González, CO2JC.
Emergency Coordinator, IARU R2.

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