WRC23 AI9.1b and 23cms: CEPT seeks to mandate the ITU‑R guidance recommendation on amateur use of the 23cm band.

At the last CEPT CPG meeting #8 during May, the CEPT put its weight behind the development of a European Common Proposal (ECP) that would in effect mandate the technical and operational guidance under development in ITU‑R WP5A to allow the amateur and amateur satellite services to continue to operate and avoid interference to the RNSS.

A summary report from the CPG meeting #8 can be found here.

The IARU is supporting the development of an ITU‑R Recommendation to identify the technical and operational constraints that might be required by the amateur and amateur satellite services in the 23cm band. However, the IARU continues to assert that WRC23 does not need to make any changes to the Radio Regulations for this Recommendation under development in WP5A to be effective.

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