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Terms of reference

Amateur Radio Space Exploration Working Group

1 The ARSPEX Working Group is a specialised body of the IARU Region 1 and is set up by the General Conference. It acts under the provisions of the IARU Region 1 Constitution and Bylaws.
2 The ARSPEX WG chairman will maintain contact with the Space Agencies and with the international organisation ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) with the aim of
a. Developing Space related amateur radio activities
b. Circulating information on these activities to the members of the WG as well as to the Secretary of IARU Region 1
c. Developing Educational Outreach related to Amateur Radio in Space.
3 The ARSPEX WG will advise the General Conferences of IARU Region 1 and in between Conferences the Executive Committee of IARU Region 1 on
a. Optimum policies related to Amateur Radio in Space
b. Opportunities for acquiring support from the Space Agencies and other organisations for the development of Amateur Radio in Space.
4 The work of the ARSPEX WG shall be carried out mainly by correspondence
5 The Chairman of the ARSPEX WG may attend meetings of the ARISS International organisation and meetings related to the collaboration of the amateur radio service with the Space Agencies after approval of a budget for these activities by the Executive Committee. He may delegate a member of the ARSPEX WG to attend these meetings.
6 The Chairman of the ARSPEX WG shall be appointed at each triennial General Conference and shall act according to the procedures described in the IARU Region 1 Bylaws. He shall attend the IARU Region 1 General Conferences and shall report annually to the IARU Region 1 Executive Committee and to a General Conference. His expenses will be reimbursed according to articles B.3.25 and B.3.28 of the IARU Region 1 Bylaws.

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