Scheduled Nets

This table shows the regular nets of Emergency Communications Groups in IARU Region 1. These nets are used for training and information distribution by the Groups concerned.

Country Organisation Day/Date Time Frequency Notes
Austria (AT)ARENA
1st Wednesday of month
3.643MHz ± QRMhttp://​www​.oevsv​.at/​f​u​n​k​b​e​t​r​i​e​b​/​n​o​t​f​unk
France (FR)FNRASEC3rd Wednesday of months 1 — 4- 7- 102030 Local3.532MHzCW
France (FR)FNRASEC3rd Wednesday of months 2 — 5 — 8 — 112030 Local3.632 MHz ± QRMSSB
France (FR)FNRASEC3rd Wednesday of months 3 ‑6 ‑9 — 122000 Local3.582MHz USBData using FlDigi
France (FR)FR-EmcomThursday2000 LocalDMR TG 2080
D‑Star DCS33U
NetherlandsDARES1st Sunday of month0900UTC3670 and 7065 kHz +/- QRMControl PI9D
Notfunk Deutschland 2nd Tuesday of Month 2000 – 2100 Local Time Echolink Conference *NOTFUNK* 359723  http://​www​.notfunk​-deutschland​.de/​p​a​g​e​I​D​_​4​9​1​1​9​5​1​.​h​tml
Greece (GR) RAAG
2nd Thursday of Month 2130 Local Time 2210 Local Time
3.760MHz ± QRM 3.579MHz ± QRM Voice/SSB Net — SZ1SV PSK31 Net — SZ1SV 
Ireland (IE) AREN 
7th and 21st of Month 1930 Local Time 3.660MHz ± QRM  http://​aren​.ie/​n​ews
IsraelIARC EmcommSaturday0900TC7.130MHz
RomaniaFRRWednesday Thursday 1600 UTC3.705MHz 3.760MHz
Slovenia (SI)ARON1st Wednesday of Month1800 Local Time3.605MHzEcholink conference *SLOVENIA* at 1900 followed by Winlink tests.
United Kingdom (GB)RAYNET HF Team 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th of Month 1400 Local Time (Weekends) 2000 Local Time (Weekdays) 3.663MHz , 5.2785MHz or 7.110MHz ± QRM 
United Kingdom (GB)DMR Activity PeriodSunday1600 Local TimeBrandmeister Talkgroup 23531

To have your organisation’s Net added to this list please contact the IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Coordinator G0DUB

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