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Terms of Reference for Emergency Communications

The Role of the Emergency Communications Coordinator is:

  • To prepare and keep updated an inventory of emergency communication services provided by IARU Region 1 Societies. 
  • To act as a focal point on amateur radio emergency communications services with IARU Region 1 to international bodies and user services (e.g. the International Red Cross). 
  • To liaise on emergency matters with IARU Regions 2 and 3. 
  • To prepare a common guideline on amateur radio emergency procedures. 
  • To circulate and publicise information on emergency events in which the Amateur Radio Service has been involved. 
  • To arrange meetings, when deemed necessary, to discuss principle and actual matters on amateur radio emergency communication. Such meetings shall only be arranged after approval of and in consultation with the EC.
  • To organise tests and exercises to promote international emergency communications and links between countries 
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