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Monitoring System R1

#Intruders. We find them. We fight them.

The IARU Monitoring System is a worldwide service authorized by the IARU Administrative Council. It is served by many dedicated volunteers. You can read about the History of the IARU Monitoring System R1 here.

As per the IARU Monitoring System Terms of Reference, the primary objective of the IARU Monitoring System is the search, classification, identification and initiation of steps leading to the removal from amateur bands of radio signals of non-amateur stations causing harmful interference to the amateur services, contrary to ITU International Telecommunications Union and national radio regulations. Typical intruders include Broadcasters, Over the Horizon Radars, illegal operators on the bands including taxicabs and fishermen on various bands, various military modes and many more types of unwanted signals.

Four simultaneous OTH Radar transmissions on 40 m.

Interested parties who want to report intruders on the amateur bands are encouraged to send their observations to the Regional Coordinator including the following information: your identification (organization-callsign), the frequency, time in UTC, day, month, any possible identification of the signal, mode, signal strength and any remarks that help describe the signal, may be also a radio location. In addition, a very beneficial piece of information is an Audio recording of the signal preferably as a .wav file.

Reports of intruders in the amateur bands can be submitted to the IARUMS National Coordinators and to the Region 1 IARUMS Cooordinator

Coordinator R1 : Gaspar Miró, EA6AMM iarums (@) iaru​-r1​.org

Please be aware, we are not a band police. IARUMS shall not become involved in the monitoring and reporting of harmful interference in amateur bands caused by stations identified as or believed to be amateur stations! Also we do not monitor compliance of transmissions with band plans or contest rules etc.
Details see also Terms of Reference, points 2 and 12, here
We are also not responsible for any EMC matters!

We are not a Band Police!

The role of the IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS) — monitoring the amateur bands to search and identify transmissions sent by intruders — is important because the amount of all kind of intruders is rapidly growing!

A number of national Monitoring Coordinators and volunteers have been watching our bands for many years. But more needs to be done to raise awareness of societies and countries where there no national monitoring team exists . Also, existing groups can still help by sharing detailed information worldwide with others. Monitoring is Teamwork!

Structure of the IARU Monitoring System R1

Organization chart of the IARU Monitoring System

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