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PRC Political Relations Committee

Objectives and Membership 

The Political Relations Committee (PRC) is a permanent committee consisting of members of the Executive Committee (EC) and Region 1 experts selected by the EC.

The PRC deals with relations with political and governmental entities and related matters. 

All IARU Region 1 Member Societies are entitled to participate in the work of the permanent committees.

Terms of Reference

The current Terms of Reference of the PRC are available here


The current members and their contact details are here

The Committee encourages any member of an IARU Region 1 Member Society to assist in the work of PRC.

More details here

News and Comments

Responses to Public Consultations

PRC monitors opportunities to provide public consultations initiated by government and other bodies and replies where appropriate.

Some recent responses are here

On-going Activities

PRC is actively involved in the EMC WP, TCAM and an attendee at RSPG public stakeholder meetings, in addition to actively all matters that potentially affect amateur radio.

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