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Spectrum Management Experts Wanted

How can you help?

The Spectrum and Regulatory Liaison Committee (SRLC) requires the support of volunteer experts from the IARU Region 1 Member Societies who have worked on spectrum management or regulatory issues in their own country or in an international or regional organisation. From time to time amateurs who belong to an IARU Member Society in R2 or R3 may also be invited to participate in SRLC activities. 

Meeting Experts

There are two categories of SRLC Expert. The first category is a Meeting Expert e.g. those SRLC participants who have been designated to attend a one-off or series of particular meetings, project teams, working groups or committees of external organisations, or other IARU committees. A meeting report is required which should normally be no longer than an A4 or Letter page. It should preferably be written in a form suitable for publication in the news section(s) of the IARU Region 1 web-site. Out of pocket expenses incurred in attending meetings are refundable. Meeting Experts will also be expected to comment on documents and papers from external organisations as well as those produced by SRLC Experts before they are sent to external organisations. 

General Experts

The second category is a General Expert. General Experts will receive SRLC documents being reviewed or developed within the SRLC. It is envisaged that in future most documents produced by SRLC Experts will be circulated to the Committee as a whole e.g. those experts who appear in the Experts’ directory. In most cases a week will be allowed for comments, dependant on any deadlines imposed by an external body.

Document or position approval is normally carried out through on-line collaboration and email correspondence. However a physical meeting may be arranged at the Freidrichshafen ‘Ham Radio’ annual event or the IARU conference. 

Experts Directory

A directory of SRLC Experts is maintained by the SRLC Chairman. If you would like to apply to become an SRLC Meeting or General Expert please provide your name call-sign and contact information and indicate whether this information can be included in the list of experts held by the Chairman.Your personal details (eg email) will not be placed on SRLC web-pages without your agreement.

Senior Experts

Long serving Meeting and General Experts may be considered a Senior Expert and along with the Chairman will have access to the SRLC Experts directory mentioned in the above paragraph.

Enrol or Questions?

If you have any questions or queries on the work of the SRLC or would like further information on becoming an SRLC Expert or General Expert please contact Barry Lewis G4SJH, Chairman SRLC, Email:  barryplewis at btinternet​.com.

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