Background of STARS

The objective of STARS (Support to The Amateur Radio Service) is to defend, protect, extend, develop and promote the amateur radio service. The work of STARS is specifically directed to those areas of the Region where amateur radio activity is low or non-existent.

IARU is at its most representative for the amateur radio service when it has member societies in all the ITU member countries and when those societies have friendly and regular contacts with their national regulatory authorities. The basis for an active, viable and truly representative society is the recruitment of members with the nationality of the country

The STARS Program

The strategy to put this philosophy into practice and achieve the aims of STARS was updated at the 2017 Regional Conference. A copy of that Conference presentation can be found here.

There is a STARS Working Group which supports the STARS programme in a number of ways. The Terms of Reference are here.

STARS works on the basis of specific in-country projects, selected against a set of defined criteria. The five stages of a STARS project are:

Pre-qualification of the in-country programme manager. This is a critically important phase, and without a suitable program manager, a STARS program cannot be commenced. 

The governmental dimension. Here we seek confirmation of:

  • Spectrum Regulator support for the development of Amateur Radio
  • An appropriate licence fee being in place
  • An appropriate (non-penal) Import Duty being in place
  • A protocol existing for issuing individual licences
  • The Program Manager having an “open door” to the Regulator

Creation of a “Club” or “Society” and associated training facilities. This forms the basis of growing amateur radio in the country

Limited Provision of Equipment to the established club

Consolidation: Nurturing, supporting and recognising local success in the program

STARS projects are sponsored and funded by IARU Region 1’s Development Fund and coordinated by the STARS Working Group. This Working Group consists of a chairman appointed by the General Conference and responsible for the general coordination and logistics, a deputy chairman and a STARS support group, comprising people who are in a position to provide advice, guidance and support to projects. 

Further members of the WG are the EC member appointed to liaise with STARS, the IARU-Region 1 Treasurer (in charge of the Development Fund) and representatives of all the interested IARU-Region 1 member societies.

A STARS project can be initiated in two ways:

  • By a radio amateur in a country requesting help to develop amateur radio in that country
  • By a country being identified by the STARS Working Group, and contact being made with possible local project team leaders

IARU Region 1 welcomes approaches from countries wishing to explore the possibility of initiating a STARS project. Please contact STARSxxiaru​-r1​.org (replace xx with @) 

Some news items about STARS activity can be seen here

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