VHF beacon coordination

Beacon coordinator

The Region 1VHF&up Beacon Coordinator is contact person in all matters relating to beacons at Frequencies above 30Mhz within the Regon 1 and works closely with the Region 1 VHF&up Commitee. He tries to find the best use of the spectrum, and encourages innovation, the adoption of high technical standards and the use of the beacons in propagation .
The 50Mhz Syncronised Beacon project, which also affects regions 2 and 3, is supported by the VHF&up beacon coordinator.
The VHF&up beacon coordinator maintains the beacon database. This Database serves as a reference for the coordination of beacons.
Contact Mathias Klug, DH4FAJ, VHF&up-Beacons Coordinator, at VHFbeacons@​iaru-​r1.​org

Beacon Coordination: why?

In order to avoid mutual interference or at least to keep it to a minimum, beacon frequencies should be coordinated.
This is particularly important in the frequency ranges from 30 MHz to 450 MHz, since the licensing authorities do not look beyond national borders and the beacon signals can sometimes be heard far beyond national borders. This problem is exacerbated in the case of overreach when beacons could be received that would not be audible under normal circumstances but were overlaid by a stronger beacon closer to them. Coordination in the near of the borders therefore also makes sense in the microwave range.

Beacon Database

Beacons and their operating parameters can be found in this database and other usefull information.
Other features are also being worked on, such as an online form for updates.The database is constantly maintained by Sören, DO5SBM and the coordinator Mathias, DH4FAJ.
Please remember: the database is only as accurate as the data received! 

The database can be found at: www​.iaru​-r1​-beacons​.org.

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