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Youth WG Terms of Reference

The Region 1 Youth Working Group is responsible for promoting Amateur Radio Youth Activities in Region 1 through the coordination and engagement with IARU Region 1 member Societies. Youth is defined as persons with the age below 26 years.

Responsibilities includes but not limited to:
1. Acts as a focal point for advisory on Youth activities within Region 1
2. Encourages Member Societies on promoting Youth in Amateur Radio
3. Supports member societies in developing youth programs
4. Regularly assesses youth activities in Region 1 and develop related action plan
5. Communicates with Member Societies to determine needs and interests of youth
6. Ensures youth activities and related details / updates are regularly communi-cated to member societies (E‑mails, Website etc.)
7. Evaluates the effectiveness of different activities
8. Provides yearly report on youth to Executive Committee and member Socie-ties
9. To organise and coordinate YOTA activities, including an annual special event 
10. The WG Chairman supports and advises the Youngster on the Air special event host organisation in the required manner. 

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