Solar Cycle 25 exceeds all Predictions
The current solar cycle 25 far exceeds the predictions of the international panel convened for this purpose in 2019. The observed solar cycle is represented by the sunspot number in the top diagram and the F10.7cm radio flux in the …
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DX-Unlimited: Arnie Coro, CO2KK — SK
ARNALDO CORO ANTICH (CO2KK) DIED TODAY AT THE AGE OF 80, report Horacio A. Nigro, CX3BZ, from Uruguay, and Carlos Alberto Santamaria Gonzalez, CO2JC, coordinator of the FRC national emergency network and emergency coordinator of IARU R2​.Here is the text:“In …
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HAARP Asteroid Bounce Experiment
As announced, the signals of the “HAARP Asteroid Bounce Experiment” from Gakona/Alaska could also be received in DL and other parts of Europe at 9600 kHz today (27.12.) around 11 am UTC. This is shown by some reports which reached …
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