IARU in the CEPT Working Groups
IARU volunteers have been participating in the CEPT FM and SE Working Groups looking after the amateur and amateur satellite service interests. CEPT WG-SE #88 took place during April and WG-FM #99 took place at the end of May. WG-FM’s project …
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HF Band Plan revised
The HF band plan in its version of 16 October 2020 (Virtual General Conference “Novi Sad”) including the annex has been revised. The band plan comprises 2 pages, as does the explanatory annex. It can be downloaded via this URL: https://​www​.iaru​-r1​.org/​w​p​— c​o​n​t​e​n​t​/​u​p​l​o​a​d​s​/​2​0​2​1​/​0​6​/​h​f​_​r​1​_​b​a​n​d​p​l​a​n​.​pdf. …
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IARU attends ITU WPT meetings
IARU represented the amateur service at this meeting, held virtually, with some 350 delegates registered for the sequence of WP1 meetings. WP1A Working Group WG1A2 was of most relevance to IARU, covering WPT. Documents under consideration in that group included: …
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