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Amateur Radio Kids Day in Poland - summary of the activities of the SP3POW Club


The Amateur Radio Kids Day is an event initiated by the ARRL organization what unites radio amateurs in the USA. The concept of this event has been followed in the other countries as well. The Kids Day is always celebrated twice a year. During those days thousands of children are able to maintain radio contacts with the other children all around the world supervised by experienced radio amateurs.

In Poland, the Amateur Radio Kids Day was celebrated for the first time on 16th June 2012 thanks to the initiative of the SP3POW Amateur Radio Club and supported by the SP3KWA and SP3ZIR Amateur Radio Clubs. On that day every little man had an opportunity to come, observe, listen to and even to be able making his first amateur radio contact. We invited the students from the primary and junior high schools who were mostly members of the ARISS Ostrów Wielkopolski group and who are still preparing in this group for the school radio contact with an astronaut at the ISS Station.Depending on the circumstances we were working on the 3,7 or 7 MHz. Besides providing the radio station we have also organized for children an ARDF competition. Earlier this year some series of the amateur radio lessons was held in several schools so most of the students had a contact with the radio before. Thanks to that there were not many problems with next QSO’s and the whole event was successful.

Keeping the ball rolling we started arrangements for the winter edition of the Kids Day. That time we were operating under the special event SN0KDD call sign. The station was opened from the 27th of December until 7th of January and was encouraging all the other radio clubs and the individual amateurs to take part in this beneficial event. We made more than 750 QSO’s with 45 countries on the all bands on SSB and CW. Thanks to the aforementioned action and a promotion campaign in the media many of the amateur radio clubs on the 6th of January had an opportunity to organize The Kids Day on their own. All the fully licensed amateurs were informed about participation of the young, inexperienced operators so children’s mistakes were forgiven. For many of them it was the first time to make a radio contact in their lives. An excitement was obvious and a jitters also but of course it disappeared soon. It was better and better with the every single next radio contact. There were many kids changing each other all the time by the microphone so some of the radio amateurs reduplicated their QSO. Of course it was not a problem and they were patiently and willingly making next radio contacts with the young operators. During this edition of the Amateur Radio Kids Day in Poland kids from over than 20 club stations contacted with the hundreds adult operators not only from Poland but also from the other countries in the world. Some of them were answered in broken Polish or using basic phrases in English. We were impressed by the kids who were sometimes a little bit frightened of hearing foreign language but they could without any prepares manage in that situation and make the QSO’s in a good way.

The third edition of the Amateur Radio Kids Day was held on 15th of June 2013. To make this event more attractive we prepared a special award for every one kid who made at least one radio contact. We found also some sponsors who endowed special gifts for the young participants as well as for the radio club. This time the SP3POW Club was using the special SN0KDD call sign as well. Only at the final day our radio station made more than 200 QSO’s and the champion was young Michał who was waiting in front of the club before any other one came there. Despite of that was his first radio contacts he scored almost a half hundred QSO including all Polish districts and a couple of foreign stations. He got first JUNIOR OKRĘGI POLSKIE (Junior Polish Districts) award ever. In the last Kids Day edition we were working with 10 young amateur radio operators. All of them got an award. We guess for part of them that wasn’t a one-time adventure with amateur radio.

Children very like taking part in those kind of events very much. It is unforgettable experience for them every time. And it is like that all over the world where the Amateur Radio Kids Day is celebrated. We encourage every amateur radio club to invite the children on that event, to instruct them and help to enter “the amateur radio world” because that is the aim of the Amateur Radio Kids Day. There can be many ideas of work with the youth, as many as existing amateur radio clubs. We can invite our children, our neighbor’s or friends’ children, we can also collaborate with some schools or any other educational institutions or organize all that stuff connected with the HF and VHF transceivers what is done at the educational or cultural events. That day can be a possibility of activating some call signs which are very rarely used or promoting amateur radio in the local environment.

The meaning of the amateur radio station is worth noting. It is the one and only possibility for people who do not have any license to make the radio contacts supervised by the club’s operator. Of course not all of us have the possibilities to invite children to our amateur radio clubs. Every individual amateur can allow them as many successful QSO’s as possible. For them every one radio contact is very important! The next opportunity is on 5th January 2014 together with the next Amateur Radio Kids Day. We warmly encourage you in taking part in this international event. More photos: