The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is a federation of national associations of certified radio amateurs, representing over 150 countries and separate territories around the world.

The three IARU Regions are organised to broadly mirror the structure of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and its related regional telecommunications organisations. The Regions comprise:
- IARU Region 1: Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Northern Asia
- IARU Region 2: The Americas
- IARU Region 3: Asia-Pacific

The IARU represents the interests of the Amateur Radio Service worldwide to relevant international organisations, promoting the interests of amateur radio and seeking to protect and enhance its spectrum privileges.


500 kHz in Netherlands

Starting 1 January 2010 full licence amateurs in the Netherlands can opt for permission to conduct experiments in the band 501-504 kHz with a maximum power of 5 W EIRP and a maximum bandwidth of 100 Hz.

Geneva and WRC-12 Agenda Items

The radio amateur services were well represented during the recent meeting of ITU-R Working Party 5A that was held from the 23rd November to the 2nd December 2009 in Geneva.  Included amongst the 150+ delegates IARU was represented by Vice-President Ole Garpestad LA2RR and later by IARU President Tim Ellam VE6SH while national delegations included Ken Pulfer VE3PU and Brian Rawlings VE3QN (Canada), Ulrich Mueller DK4VW (Germany), Jay Oka JA1TRC and Hitoshi Yoshida JK1MZT (Japan), Bram van den Berg PB0AOK (Netherlands), Colin Thomas G3PSM (UK) and Brennan Price N4QX (USA).

From the amateur service perspective the main item of interest was Agenda Item 1.23 that seeks a secondary amateur allocation in the region of 500 kHz.   Unfortunately the inputs for this item have so far only come from Canada, Germany and the UK.   With a new 500 kHz allocation in Norway and operations allowed in other Region 1 countries including Belgium and Ireland it is hoped that inputs will be forthcoming from these countries, both for the next CEPT PT-C meeting in Cork at the end of January and the next ITU-R WP5A meeting scheduled for May 2010.

EA8AK receives IARU Region 1 Medal in recognition of his outstanding work

R1 medal presented to EA8AKFernando Fernández Martín, EA8AK, who served as member of the European Parliament from 1994 until his retirement earlier this year, was presented the IARU Region 1 medal in recognition of his work by IARU Region 1 President PB2T. The presentation took place in Madrid at the celebration of the 60th anniversary of URE, the Spanish Member Society.

In his speech Hans PB2T mentioned that the most important mission of IARU Region 1 is the representation of the interests of amateur radio at meetings of international telecommunication and other organizations. Decisions taken by politicians in the European Parliament can have a great impact on our amateur radio activities. Parties with an interest in the European commission often hire lobbyists to represent their case. We were so lucky to have a real amateur radio operator serving as Member of the European Parliament.

CAST celebrate its 10 Years Anniversary

CLUB CENTRAL D’AMATEUR RADIO SCOUTS TUNISIEN (CAST) celebrated on December 04, 2009 it 10 Years Anniversary in the presence of CAST members, honorable guests and the Minister of Religious Affairs. Pictures from the event are posted in CAST Photo Gallery.

A special Event Station - 3V10A  will be on the air from the CAST Central Radio Club Station (3V8ST) from December 4 to 31, 2009.

IARU Region 1 Treasurer visit to MARS

While visiting Mauritius Island between November 25 and December 4, 2009,  IARU Region 1 Treasurer HB9JOE - Andy and XYL HB9ELF - Yvonne visited MAURITIUS AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY (MARS) in the presence of its Executive Committee and members. Local and regional Amateur Radio related discussios took place. HB9JOE - Andy thanked MARS for their warm hospitality and invited to participate in next IARU region 1 General conference 2011 in South Africa.

Pictures from the visit are posted in the IARU Region 1 Photo Album

70 MHz access for Belgian amateurs

Belgian full licence amateurs are allowed to operate on 69.950 MHz on a secondary basis with 10 W EIRP and a maximum bandwidth of 10 kHz.

USKA Annual meeting

The annual coworker meeting of the UNION SCHWEIZERISCHER KURZWELLEN-AMATEURE (USKA) took place on 14 November 2009  "old arsenal" restaurant in Schaffhausen. USKA president Daniel Kägi HB9IQY thanked all woman employees and coworkers of the executive committee during the Apéro for their fantastic and valuable cooperation in soon in the end going business year of the society. After a fine lunch the special exhibition over the border guard was visited with guidance in the attractive museum of the arsenal in Schaffhausen. Pictures from the event are available in the USKA photo album.