AEOLUS team, a team of greek radio amateurs, shall attempt for a second time to fly up to stratosphere a pioneering payload carrying amateur radio equipment. The special call sign granted for this mission is J43VHF and the flight name is AEOLUS-2WAY.

Mission details

The balloon launch is scheduled for Sunday May, 10 2015 at 11:00 local time (i.e. eastern european summer time) or else 08:00 UTC. However, launch time may be affected by prevailing weather conditions or may be delayed appropriately to ensure a safer landing point. The launch place is a small, unused nowadays airport at Plaka, a location very close to the town of Megalopolis, located in the middle of Peloponnese, the southern peninsula of Greece. (coordinates 37.424775, 22.115378). The mission will offer not only the well known APRS beacon with GPS and sensor data (coordinates, altitude, temperature, battery voltage) but also an innovative 2WAY communication setup.

Radio Amateurs will be able to communicate with the control station of J43VHF:

1. on 144.220MHz (2M band) USB modulation, simplex communication with the HAB itself, which bears 2W (two watts) transmit power and a horizontal dipole antenna. The control team will have an uplink to the HAB at 23cm

2. on 7.120MHz (40M band) LSB modulation, simplex communication with the ground control station, which will have the ordinary power of 100W and a multiband dipole.

3. additionally, the APRS beacon will be heard as J43VHF-11 on 438.100MHz (73cm band) at 1200bps though, instead of common 9600bps speed used in UHF. The transmitter will have 150mW power.