CEPT CPG-8 Final Meeting

The final meeting of the CEPT Conference Preparatory Group took place in Bergen, Norway during the week 14th-18th September.   This meeting adopted the final European Common Proposals for WRC-15 and agreed possible agenda items for future World Radio Conferences.

Of particular interest to the amateurs services was the adoption of a European Common Proposal for an allocation of 100 kHz between 5350 - 5450 kHz.   The proposal represents the views of the majority of CEPT countries with Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Romania and the Russian Federation opposing.   This proposal will now be included in the documents for discussion under Agenda Item 1.4 at WRC where we anticipate long and drawn out arguments for and against an allocation.

Another proposal of interest is Agenda Item 1.18 where an ECP has been agreed to add the radiolocation service (RLS) as a co-primary service in the band 77.5-78.00 GHz.   In this case the radiolocation service applies to automotive (vehicle) applications such as anti-collision radars.   Again this will be a topic discussed at WRC-15 but with little opposition from the amateur services.

Finally, two possible items for inclusion in a future World Radio Conference -

1.2              to consider an primary allocation of the frequency band 50-54 MHz to the amateur service in accordance with Resolution [EUR-A25-2] (WRC-15);

1.4              to consider, based on studies regarding the spectrum requirements for the amateur service, a possible allocation to the amateur service in the frequency band 1 800-2 000 kHz in order to achieve global harmonisation, in accordance with Resolution [EUR-A25-4] (WRC-15);

These two items are relevant to Region 1 only and are proposed to try and reach a harmonised position with Regions 2 and 3.   These proposals will be discussed in Committee 6 (COM6) at WRC-15 and we hope that at least one will be considered for inclusion in the agenda for the next WRC.