Amateur Activities

IARU 90 From Romania

In 2015 we celebrate 77 years since Romania is a member of IARU. This year IARU celebrates 90 years since the foundation.  On this occasion in Romania will be active some stations with special indicatives: YO90IARU, YP90IARU, YQ90IARU and YR90IARU. 


We intend this way to inform the ham radio community about these events and to create the frame of a very intense activity in the bands allocated to the amateur service traffic.


The station will be active in all the bands and works mode starting with the 1st of February 2015 and until the 31st of December 2015.


For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SX100A Battleship G.Averof

Celebrating 100 years since Battleship " Georgios Averof " joined the Greek navy fleet - 1911-2011. The Radio Amateur Association of Greece (R.A.A.G.) will activate the special call sign "SX100A" participating in the celebrations for 100 years since the Historic Battleship "Georgios Averof" joined the "Hellenic Navy". The operation will take place from the Radio Room of "Georgios Averof" starting at 00:00 Friday the 2nd till Sunday 24:00, December 4th 2011.

Georgios Averof is the world's only surviving heavily armored cruiser of the early 20th century. During the Balkan Wars in 1912 and 1913, it was the Hellenic Navy fleet flagship during the campaigns in the North and Central Aegean islands, as well as the coastal cities of East Macedonia and Thrace.

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50th anniversary of the algerian independance contest

For the 50th anniversary of the algerian independance, the algerian ham radio society organise for the first time a contest to mark the event.

Contest rules

 For the first time, Algerian 7T prefix will be used by algérian radio hams.

Definition :

The contest for the 50th anniversary of the independence of Algeria is an outstanding manifestation of ARA the algerian radio society. To obtain the Diploma you must total 50 points.

Goal :

Allow OM's and SWL's from Algeria and outside to obtain a diploma and a special QSL card for the event.

Objective :

To inform the world about that particular event.

Participation :

All Amateur radio, radio clubs and SWL can participate in the contest on all modes and all HF bands allowed.

Dates and times :

From July 05 2012 at 00:00 pm UTC to December 31, 2012 at 00:00 pm UTC.

SRAL Youth DX-peditions

My first student Esko, OH2GTS, soon became the chairman of newly founded youth committee of SRAL. The committee consisted of enthusiastic boys and girls wanting to widen their Amateur Radio hobby to new areas never visited before. One of them was going on a DX-pedition. In year 2006 we felt that we were ready for some serious action.

A suitable time for this kind of activity off home base was in the middle of August, just before the schools started again. The International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend offered several possibilities to sail to the seas and see the old buildings built on faraway cliffs. Radio activity would be inspired by the salty water around the QTH ensuring good propagation.

altMy first young ham team of six operators decided to opt for Bengtskär way out in the Baltic Sea. This magnificent lighthouse once so important for seafarers had been renovated for tourists wanting to have a taste of salt water and to be embraced by the wild beauty of the sea while enjoying the luxury of hotel services.

The 52 metres high tower, highest of its kind in Finland, suited well to serve as a support for our Windom antenna. We also had the lecture room at our disposal for the radio station as well as to conduct a training course for some new team members. Successful exams proved that the students found the exceptional environment inspiring.

For our operation we loaned the special event call sign OH3W belonging to the club station OH3AA of Hämeenlinna and added the abbreviation /LH denoting our status as a lighthouse station. We stayed on the rocky islet for four days and enjoyed working with our radio station, going to sauna, swimming and admiring the silent beauty of the calm sea. Just before our arrival there had been a storm – we were so lucky!

Some years later another youth DXpedition was made, this time to a much bigger island, the main island of the Aland group. Again we had a special call sign, OH0/OH2DXF, which actually belonged to our sponsor OH DX Foundation. This was the first operation with the brand new call OH2DXF.

Eight young operators with three adults as a support team made almost two thousand QSOs in three days from the contest station OH0Z with a fine location 90 metres above sea level and serious antenna arsenal. Some of these operators continued their DX quest next year at the superstation OH8X in Arcala near Arctic Circle.

OH8X team was established not only to satisfy the competitive needs of seasoned gentlemen in their seventies but also to give younger operators a chance to sit in the driver´s seat of a world-class station and make a serious effort in major contests. SRAL youth team was happy to enjoy the hospitality of OH8X and in August 2009 stay at this dedicated SO2R station to familiarize themselves with modern amateur radio technology.

These DX-peditions were possible thanks to SRAL support which will continue next year. OH youth goes this time a step further, to Market Reef OJ0. One more year in the quest of becoming a mature DXpeditioner means a lot – just wait and see!