4th Youth ARDF Championship of IARU Region in Bastheim, Germany

July 2003

by Hans-H Ehlers, DF5UG, Region 1 Executive Committee

zip file with full results

When I thought that Bastheim the site for the 2003 IARU ARDF Youth Championship was close to Munich I was wrong. When I expected to find a beautiful place surrounded by excellent ARDF facilities I was right. Bastheim a small village between Fulda and Coburg situated in the German county Under-Franconia was a very good choice for this ARDF Championship. Excellent weather conditions and a beautiful landscape did their best to both satisfy the competitors and the officials. I had the honour to open the 4th Youth ARDF Championship of IARU Region 1 in Bastheim on behalf of the IARU Region 1.

Opening ceremony in front of the city hall of BastheimThe official date was from Saturday the 7th until Wednesday the 11th of June 2003. I arrived on Saturday after a lengthy drive from Munich. Most of the drive was on Autobahn, the German motorway. Then came federal roads and finally country roads. Eventually I saw the yellow sign "Bastheim" which marked the Franconian small village. All over I noticed members of the national teams getting ready for the opening. By the different sports dress one could identify the different countries taking part as Czech Republic (CRC), Hungary (MRSAz), Russia (SRR), Slovakia (SARA), Serbia (Yugoslavia SRJ) and Germany (DARC). What a colourful sight with all the different flags, badges and dresses. The opening took place in front of the new Rathaus (city hall) of Bastheim with speeches by the Mayor of Bastheim Mr. Dietz, the chairman of the DARC district Franconia Prof. Dr. Arndt and myself for IARU R1. Greeting words were sent by the President of the Bavarian District-Government and by the IARU Region 1 chairman, LA1RR. All speeches pointed out how important activities of young people are in respect of self training and international understanding. They are also vital to the amateur radio societies to gain young members. They congratulated the local DARC radio club "Hohe Rhoen" for its effort to undertake such an international event. The DARC also organized a Youth camp for the whole week in Bastheim. We even learnt that the sun rises in Bastheim six hours earlier than in New York. To be honest I missed it due to a very short night reading through the latest issue of the terms of reference and therefore closed eyes in the early morning.

Before the competitionThe competition started on Sunday morning. Very early the teams prepared their gear for the competition. In the forest not far from the starting point was a special warming up area. Before the start all the foxhunting equipment had to be inspected and found in order. There were two kind of transmitters used as foxes. For 3,5 MHz with an output of 2.5 W, A1A emission. For 144 MHz transmitters with an output of 0.5 W, A2A emission. The identification was in CW. After the start only the running competitors and official referees were allowed into the actual competition area. There were five foxes hidden at different places. The landscape showed all different types of topography like hills, dense forest, wet and dry areas. Quite a task for the young fox hunters. But all of them managed this parcour some of them in a very brave manner. At the final checkpoint they were greeted and cheered by the spectators and co-competitors. Afterwards the International Jury chaired by the Chairman of the IARU Region 1 ARDF Working Group, Rainer Flößer DL5NBZ checked the records and prepared the official lists. Small disputes could be solved right away. The decision of the International Jury is final and cannot be challenged afterwards. The excellent results can be found in detail on the homepage of the IARU R1 ARDF working group. Here the results of the Societies Evaluation in order: 1. Czech Republic, 2. Russia, 3. Hungary, 4. Germany, 5. Slovakia, 6. Serbia.

Map of the competition areaThe following days one could find an enormous response by the local and district newspapers with following headlines: Amateur Radio Operators from all over Europe on foxhunt - An international foxhunt centre planned for Bastheim - Fox hunting a super hobby, excellent mix of technology, sport and culture in society - Around 100 participants at the European ARDF Youth Championship - Who ever listened to radio signals will be fascinated by this adventure - Foxhunting creates environmental conscience and demands knowledge of technology as well as sense of orientation and endurance - Participants and Organizers happy. I for myself fully agree with them and like to express my congratulation to both the organizers and the participants. I also like to thank the villagers of Bastheim and their Mayor for their outstanding support to this event.


1. Logo of the 4th Youth ARDF Championship of IARU Region 1 in Bastheim
2. Road sign of Bastheim
3. Opening ceremony in front of the city hall of Bastheim
4. Before the competition
5. Map of the competition area