14th European Youth ARDF Championship



The Czech society CRC organized the 2013 European Youth ARDF Championship in a small but very attractive touristic village Tri Studne (Three Cold Springs). Everything was arranged perfectly and 93 young boys and girls (up to 16) enjoyed three days of competitions, new friends and fantastic final disco night. Traditionally, once again Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia won almost all the medals, leaving just a few to Slovakia, Germany and Romania, and none to Poland, Croatia and Slovenia.

The results are published here

The photo above shows the final sprint of Luchana Naumenko (Ukraine) – five meters to the finish line and to victory.



ARDF event in Mongolia


Every year, MRSF organizes three ARDF Events: Mongolia Championship, Ulaanbaatar city Championship and Spring Leader. Last weekend, MRSF organized first ARDF event of 2013. In this event 32 male and female contestants and 9 referees participated.

We invite new and young ARDFers into "Spring Leader" ARDF Event".

16th World ARDF Championships

logoWith the official opening and the competition for visualy impaired the 16th World ARDF Championships have started. Hosted by the SRS the Amateur Radio Society of Serbia the championships take place in Kopaonik National Park, a beautiful ski resort at about 250 km south of Belgrade. Participants from 30 countries from all three IARU regions compete in classical 80m and 2m ARDF as well as sprint and foxoring elements. More about this event, including results  at