16th World ARDF Championships

logoWith the official opening and the competition for visualy impaired the 16th World ARDF Championships have started. Hosted by the SRS the Amateur Radio Society of Serbia the championships take place in Kopaonik National Park, a beautiful ski resort at about 250 km south of Belgrade. Participants from 30 countries from all three IARU regions compete in classical 80m and 2m ARDF as well as sprint and foxoring elements. More about this event, including results  at

European Youth ARDF Championships 2012

The championships were held in the beautiful green Lithuanian forest near the town of Siauliai. The small hills made the competition more attractive. There were a lot of visitors who were supporting the teams, which made the already good atmosphere even better. The second day of the competition, 80 m, there were some short rain showers. But this didn’t bring big surprises in the results. Some participants were satisfied with the results, others not. Medals went to Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. All participants (104 from 9 countries) had a great time and next year they will have a new chance during EYAC’14 in Czech Republic. The whole competition was perfectly organized by LY2CD and a smart company of assistants – our thanks go to them.

16th IARU World ARDF Championship 2012

September 10 - 16, 2012
Venue: Kopaonik, Serbia
Event Homepage:

Update: Bulletin 2 is now available.

The following competitons will take place at the 16th World ARDF Championships:

  • ARDF Competition 3.5/144 Mhz
  • Sprint competition
  • Foxoring competition
  • Competition for blind competitors
  • ARDF Cup 3.5/144 Mhz