Beacon Programme

WSPR beacon V53ARC is up and running

On Friday 16th of October, the WSPR beacon V53ARC went online. With local support by Wolfgang, V51WG and Karl Heinz, V51KH we installed the beacon and the antenna in Wolfgangs back yard.

Clemens, OE1CSC and OE1IFM went to Windhoek Friday morning and had a very warm welcome by Wolfgang and Karl Heinz. During the afternoon we installed the G8JNJ antenna and the WSPR beacon we brought with us from OE land at Wolfgangs place for first test runs. There are pictures available on my web site documenting the current setup of the beacon at Wolfgangs padio, right beside the 2m city repeater which is located in the flower pot :-)

The beacon is working fine, TXing on 80,40,30,20,17,15and 10m with 5W and on 6m with 2W and it has been spotted already around the globe including VK, KH8, J,  ZS and many other countries. It can be heard on each band every 16 minutes on the WSPR frequencies.

During the next two weeks the beacon will be moved to its final location on a hill outside of Windhoek as soon as site preparations are done. TX power will be set to 1W at this location. From now on beacon can provide up to date propagation information about south west Africa through WSPR to the ham community. More information: or

Irish allocation around 5 MHz

For an initial period of a year four 3 kHz channels will be allocated to experimenters on a secondary and non interference basis in the 5MHz region. Individual applications will have to be made for permission to operate on these channels.