New standard for In-house PLC above 30 MHz

CENELEC Committee TC210 WG 11 has completed the standard for in-house PLC devices which operate above 30 MHz. The first standard in the family - the now in-force EN 50561-1 - covers the frequency range up to 30 MHz and was debated heavily amongst radio users. It does safeguard the broadcast, amateur and aeronautical frequencies, but spoils the rest of the spectrum for local use. The reason for that is the fairly high emission limit of 110 dBµV.

The now positive voted EN 50561-3 covers measurement setup and limits for frequencies above 30 MHz, while devices which also operate on the low band (which is the usual case) still need to comply with EN 50561-1 or show compliance via an alternative route. A fairly low emission limit value between 85 and 80 dBµV (depending on frequency) was set in EN 50561-3, and additionally the amateur bands (50 - 52 MHz and 70.0 - 70.5 MHz) were notched down to 55 dBµV. This coming standard will again help to stabilize the situation of PLC coexistence and at least to keep the amateur spectrum clean.