EMC Committee - Terms of Reference

EMC Committee (C7) Terms of Reference

EMCC (C7) is a specialist technical body of IARU and deals with Electromagnetic Compatibility issues related specifically to the EU’s Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Radio Equipment Directives in CISPR, IEC, ICNIRP, CENELEC and ETSI and other Region 1 entities of a similar nature, with the following Terms of Reference and objectives.

The EMCC shall:

•              Monitor and research developments in relevant forums addressing EMC, which potentially impact the Amateur Service and Amateur-Satellite Service (the Amateur Services);

•              Advise the EC on the workings of such forums affecting any matter which might impact on the interests of the Amateur Services and process material and undertake actions delegated to it by the EC in respect of these forums;

•              Prepare submissions on EMC, detailing the views and concerns and objectives of the Amateur Services in relation to emerging technologies;

•              Wherever feasible, influence EMC related standards to the benefit of the Amateur Services;

•              Bring potential interference threats to the Amateur Services, from emerging technologies, to the attention of the SRLC and PRC, to influence relevant legislative changes and implementation, internationally and nationally; and

•              Work in close and regular contact with specialists in MS to assist in the development of IARU EMC strategy;

•              Provide advice on EMC concerns to IARU MS and coordinate actions in core areas in support of IARU Region 1 or IARU global EMC strategies.

•              Keep a watching brief on all issues relating to EMF as they affect the Amateur Services

The EMCC shall work with other permanent Committees (PRC, SRLC, C4 and C5) to identify potential threats to the Amateur Services and agree with the other relevant permanent bodies, strategies and measures to ensure that these threats are managed in an appropriate way.